Wintry Wednesday

:: Today was a great winter day. The highs were in the teens, the snow was falling and we were at the cottage. The morning first consisted of breakfast at The River Stop Cafe then over to a new yarn store. I picked out some yarn for the scarf I mentioned yesterday and B decided his head was a little chilly and that some blue and gray yarn would help with that.

three colored skinny scarf new hat for B

:: Then we decided it was time to hit the lake. We skied for what seemed like an eternity, or maybe just 30 minutes. Hmm…?

skiing c ski

:: We finished the day with Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Also I finally got to snap a few photos of some Christmas gifts that B made. I am not the only crafty one in this family. Check out the maple butcher block cutting board he made for his mom and the birdhouse he made for his dad.



  1. It must be nice to live somewhere that you can actually wear all the cool sweaters and hats and scarves you make! Down here in the south, I’m lucky if I get to wear my stuff a handful of days in the winter. But it’s fun to do anyway!

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