The Story

How much do I love NPR?! I love that each night at 8pm (when I’m usually driving home) I get to hear “The Story”. It’s probably my favorite program on NPR. I love hearing about people that I would have normally never even known existed. I love that it reminds me that we are all human and each unique individuals. One of my recent favorites is on Jan 31, 2008. It is about a recovering addict who is a peer counselor in San Francisco. I loved listening to his voice and how comfortable he seemed with himself. Check it out. (Don’t worry they’re not all that intense!)

the story


  1. I just read “Listening is an act of Love,” which is a collection of these stories. I loved it. Did you know that Story Corps travels around the country and that one can volunteer with them to collect stories? This would be a dream job for me, but alas, I can’t travel around in an airstream at this stage of life. But, I could volunteer, and I am thinking about how to do it! I love the entire project.

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