babies look funny, so they should wear funny stuff.

I not only enjoyed the sun yesterday, but also I made a few things that are on my project list. I started with a project for my mother’s birthday that I will have to wait to post until next week b/c she’ll peek. I then finally made some onesies for my sweet friend Tritia who had a baby 100 years ago. I figured I better get these things to her before he’s old enough to take me out for a drink! Tritia runs the cutest shop ever in San Diego: Beach Bungalow Designs. If you are in the area and want your child’s room decorated…she’s your gal. She ridiculously talented and just plain fabulous. I’ve got a few more pieces to add to her care package (including the completion of this Amy Butler pattern), but here’s the start. (Oh, and yes, the ‘iron on’ design is on the butt!)

skull onesie

four onesies
four with bow

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