feeling a little green

With Spring arriving, I feel like trying new things and like I can accomplish anything…like maybe not killing plants. Let’s face it, I can’t keep a plant alive to save my own skin. This is such a source of shame (not guilt!), especially since most in my family have more than just a green thumb, but a whole army of vert like phalanges.

However, with this new little gizmo I bet I could sustain plant life past a week. And it’s so cute to boot! But the hubby and I have put an immediate moratorium on non-essential spending. (We’re going to see how much money we could actually save in a month if we didn’t eat out all the time. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this as the month progresses.) Until then, these little guys will just have to sit on my computer desktop (it’s probably safer for them anyway!)



  1. Those are really cute. My luck with plants really varies. I did buy a couple new plants this weekend though to make my balcony look better. I’m also trying to sprout an avocado pit. It feels like the perfect time for planting.

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