horrendous hurricane

I can’t believe what hurricanes can do.  The most recent, Ike, left it’s mark on SE Texas, where my family lives.  Although my family was quite fortunate, there were many other that were not.  I’m always amazed at how many reporters try to get coverage in they eye of the storm and there is all this build up…the wind blows, the rain falls… then it stops.  And they leave.  The irony is that is when the real news begins.  People surviving.  People having to uproot their lives.  What do you do when you don’t have insurance?  When you get paid hourly at a job?  What about the prisoners? Patients in hospitals? Mail?  Over a million people are without power.  My family alone will be without power for at least 2 weeks and they’re saying that it will be more like 4.  And the neighbor just to the east, Bridge City, how will they recover when it’s still under water?  I know several people who lost EVERYTHING… it’s so quite surreal.  And how interesting that the same few pictures get recirculated every hour on CNN between the story of some celebrities latest faux pas and who’s outraging Nancy Grace today.  Come on Cooper… where did you go?

Here are some photos of what is currently happening for recovery efforts.

this was the beach I grew up going to.  (Crystal Beach)

this is why you shouldn’t walk around in flood waters (Sabine Pass)

How awful.  This was taken in Orange, Texas.

Photos were orinally uploaded from here.


  1. I am so glad that your family is okay. I have had you mind!!! Please keep us posted on how they are doing. Your little post has inspired our little post. Will try to continue to support the relief efforts !!!

  2. thanks for posting this. Hope you have lots of readers. You are right on with your comments about news coverage on this stuff (we’ve “been through” two hurricanes).
    And yeah, where’s Cooper?

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