Back from Beijing

Wow.  Two weeks in China was amazing.  What an interesting and conflicted culture.  I look forward to re-reading my journal in a few days, especially as I go through my pictures.  I took in all the sights of Beijing (The Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square & The Great Wall) and I also traveled to Xi’an to see the Terra-Cotta Soldiers.  Many days were spent at the Pearl Market and Silk Street bargaining myself to death.  I was fortunate to meet several locals that showed me different types of the city: 5-star and no-star.

As I enter Thanksgiving week back home in America, I am thankful for the entire experience and the way in which my world is a bit smaller and more personal.

Here are just a few shots…more to come.

The Great Wall

The Summer Palace

view from hotel


  1. Amazing!!! I cannot wait to see more pics. I am so excited for you and the once in a lifetime experience you got to have. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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