O come all ye faithful…


I surprised even myself this weekend.  We actually pulled out our old holiday decorations and started the transformation.  I’ve been a bit of a humbug the last few years, refusing to decorate anything more than a wreath on the wall or unadorned natural garland around a Pottery Barn candelabra-come-Advent-center-piece.  But seeing as how I didn’t have to work Black Friday and it was actually snowing, I gave into the childhood memories and wishes like it was comfort food.  Out came strands of sparkly goodness and twinkly white lights that intuitively give you good feelings.  I forgot that the last time I decorated a tree (in 2003) I chose quite obnoxious colors, but there is still a part of me that will forever love purple and blue!  Although our ode to the holiday season is meager in comparison to most, I think the pendulum is finding its way back to the middle.



  1. Good for you! Hope we get to see more pictures. I got everything out but haven’t “put it up” yet. It’s gonna make the family nuts. I laughed to see the Hobby Lobby box in your picture. Probably headed over there today!
    Happy Holiday!

  2. I would love to see some photos! I always think it’s interesting to see how people choose to express themselves with their decorations. Sometimes things are intentional, other times it’s just because. Thanks for your sweet comments!

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