I will never use a sewing machine again…

…because who needs it when you’ve got this stuff!  So who knew making a roman shade could be so easy?  Well, easy when you have an old Ikea Roman Shade as a template and and extra set of hands.  I thought we were going to have to pull the whole thing apart, battens, strings, hooks, etc.  But my friend had the brilliant idea to just attach the fabric to the existing shade.  I had the idea that I would use some fabric glue to help hold it before I stitched it.  Who knew that I wasn’t going to need a machine at all!

We started by measuring the existing shade.  I then cut the new fabric with an extra inch on each side and and extra 4 inches for the top and bottom.  We laid the new fabric right side down and then put the old shade on top.  We then measured to make sure it was even on each side and then we folded the top to mark the holes for the hardware to punch through.  I can’t believe everything lined up.  Once we then folded the raw edge towards the middle and then folded again to create a smooth edge, we started to glue it into place.  It was then that I realized that we could glue the entire thing; so we did!  And to make sure it would pull just like a real shade, we glued the battens down as well.

So, glue along the perimeter of the shade and then on each batten and voila, a roman shade sans sewing!




  1. The apron in the prior entry is wonderful; bet Amy loved it. I don’t even remember to wear an apron half the time, but this would push me into “wear it!” land.
    Very cool on the shade. You made is sound easy. I am eye-ing the window in our 1/2 bath … hmmm

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