Weekend (Or Weekday) Project

With my new found free-time, I have been busy crafting away.  I’m always looking for cheap-chic items for my home and candlesticks are my new obsession.  Although I have had my heart set on these beauties, my pocket-book has said otherwise.  So a trip to the local antique store and a can of spray paint later, I’ve got new candlesticks.

I found these at the local antique mall for $3.50.  I liked the shape and size and mostly, the price.

brass candlesticks

I needed to scuff them up a bit so I used just a general purpose sandpaper, 220 grit did the trick.

candlesticks with sandpaper

I was sure to get in all the nooks and crannies…

scuffing the candlestick

I decided to use a gray primer for two reasons: 1. It’s what I had and 2. I knew it would offer a better base since I was going to paint them such a dark color.

primer and paint

Short quick bursts while moving the can made for an even application.  I did find that I needed to turn the candlesticks  upside down to get the undersides covered well.

primed candlestick

Once the primer dried thoroughly, I added the black.  I chose a satin finish, but I think flat could have been cool.  I started with the candlesticks upside down to cover it all without spraying everything as well as to not have any bare spots.

painted candlesticks

Voila!  An hour or so later, you have new candlesticks.  Who needs Restoration Hardware after all?!

finished candlesticks

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  1. I just want to let you know that your blog is a favorite and if you stop over at my blog (www.westcobich.wordpress.com) you can find your Award and a kudo!
    You may have rec’d such a thing in the past, I don’t know. Still, it is sincerely intended.
    And Happy New Year!

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