awww, flattery will get you everywhere…

My first award…granted to me by the always-kind OH!.  This lovely little thing is an inspiration award.  I am terribly flattered that anyone finds anything I might say or do inspiring.  I still find myself a bit perplexed as to why I’m even doing this ‘new, hip thing’ — blogging.  But for now it still tickles my fancy and I always enjoy seeing what others are doing in their lives and having a chance to learn something new.  So apparently I am to nominate 7 others for whom their works stand out from the rest.  Lately I can go to these places for inspiration:

marie antonette For Me, For You … for all around fabulousness
Katie at doodlesprouts has always got something going on and can get me to dust off my needles.  (check out her shop too.)
Scott Smith, a.k.a. The Sartorialist for capturing life on the streets
Mandi for doing some cool things with paper and embracing being 23.
Ez over at Creature Comforts for always having the prettiest layouts and pointing me to things I don’t always need, but always want.
Amy at Eggs on Sunday.  Food.  Need I say more? (Photographed so damn well too!)
And Kate the Great for kickin’ ass and taking names.  This lady has got whatever “it” is.  You’ll find visual and audio inspiration where she is.

One comment

  1. very cool … didn’t even know the Sartorialist existed (I gotta get out more) but he’s now saved as a favorite along with one or two others – I continue to be amazed at what people (natural artists) can do with paper!

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