i survived…

…although I may have been mistaken for a vampire for the last 3 days.  Having spent such intimate time with the Cullen Family I seemed to pick up some of their habits.  I didn’t move much, ate less, and really didn’t sleep.  I guess I was anxious to get through them all.  It’s just how I read the Harry Potter series.  I guess it’s a good thing that I read each HP book as it was distributed rather than in one shot.  I certainly didn’t mean to isolate myself per se… This is one of the reasons I really don’t ever read fiction.  It’s like watching a movie for me and I hate being interrupted.  I think a better comparison made by my husband is that it was like watching a t.v. series on dvd.  You just don’t want to stop.  You know you can get the information you want immediately…if you’re willing to commit.

So…the story.  Hmm.  I’m not real sure where to begin.  My sis and I agree that the order we like the books is 1,4,3,2.  So making through the second one on Friday was annoying.  I’m just glad that she too had read them (this weekend) so that I could debrief all this madness in my head.  They are worth reading when you need an EASY read that flows and keeps you occupied.  Bring it on your next vacation to the beach.   But be forewarned…you’ll want to finish the series.  That darn, dreamy Edward Cullen gets in your head and …

twilight saga books


  1. Interesting to see your recommended order of reading the books – 1, 4, 3, 2.
    I have so far read 1 and 2.
    2 kinda let me down, but I will pursue the next two.
    I just have to borrow them, not really needing them on my shelf.
    But I NEED to see what happens!!!!
    Will you see the movie?

    1. well… I would read them in the correct order, but the 1432 is how much i liked them. I’m glad you’ve read the 1st two. That second one was a bear to get through, but three and four are worth making it through. I did see the movie. It’s a really good bad movie. You know, like those bad 80s and 90s flicks. You just can’t not love them even though they are really kind of lame. I did hear that the second is coming out in November of this year. It’s gonna be a bitch to watch, but I’m sure I’ll be there none-the-less. Good Luck!

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