a must have

I’ve had the wonderful LAURA MARLING playing virtually non-stop this week.  I originally heard hear while in this shop in Canterbury this summer.  We listened to her lots post pilgrimage, but with the changing of the seasons she was put on the shelf only to be rediscovered this past week.  her debut album — Alas I Cannot Swim — is so fantastic.  perfect for even these lazy winter days filled with baking, crafting, and reading.  I just wish that I had been able to go to an actual CD shop to pick up her music.  The cover is so lovely and here is a quote from her website:

…the music is part of a ‘Song Box’, designed by Laura, which contains postcards, trinkets and stories – plus a concert ticket to her shows in March. ‘The idea came of a conversation I had with a guy who owned the studio I was recording in,’ says Marling. ‘He said he was depressed with the way music’s going, because nobody buys records any more and people are listening to MP3s on bad headphones, using music for wallpaper.’ So, she designed the chart-ineligible, beautifully printed ‘Song Box’: ‘I want people to love music,’ she says, ‘I want people to treasure it, not just my songs, but treasure music.’

I would LOVE to get my hands on those postcards!!!  In the mean time, I will have to settle for her pleasing my ears instead of my eyes too.  Go buy her music!


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