beijing burning

I can’t imagine seeing a 40-story building on fire in the middle of beijing.  If the news reports are correct it is the mandarin oriental hotel that was on fire.  The financial district of beijing is so congested, but I guess it’s like any other major metropolis, but with buildings that blow your mind.  In the first picture below, the main building is the new CCTV building that the Chinese are so proud of.  I think that the building just to the left of the new TV building is the hotel that burned.  The second photo is a view from my second hotel room (The Shangri-La Kerry Centre).  I think the way I’m positioned here has the mandarin oriental hotel on the other side of the TV building.  The architectural accomplishments of Beijing are astonishing.  Size, shape — it’s all relative.  It’s such a pity to see so many months of hard labor literally go up in smoke.  I hope everyone is ok.

I’ve also attached a couple of other interesting architectural sights I saw along the way…

***Just an interesting FYI.  The locals call the new CCTV building the ‘underwear building’ b/c it looks like a pair of men’s boxers. Hilarious.

beijing cctv building

View of CCTV building from Shangri-La Kerry Centre

beijing on a clear day

building in financial district of beijing

birds nest


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