Month: April 2009

attic remodel (almost complete)

I’m so happy with the way the attic remodel has turned out.  Once we painted the floors that glorious black, I knew I was in love.  I’m kicking myself for not doing it to my own house.  But the homeowners are thrilled and are ready to start moving furniture up there.  The plumber needs to come by yet to install the sink and toilet and then it’ll be done structurally.  I’m pretty excited that the homeowner wants me to make some cushions for the two window seats and a couch.  Joel Dewberry is calling my name.  I’m just proud as punch of my husband and his clever bookshelf idea.  As you can see it is floor to ceiling (which is 15ft) and since it’s tight quarters with the chimney close by, he incorporated a ladder on the tallest row.  So now everyone can access those top shelves.  I can’t wait to snap a few photos of the kids on the bookshelf.  It’s going to look beautiful completely finished.


attic black floor

attic west wall view

Favorite Things Friday

First (and most importantly) it is 65 degrees and sunny and I’m headed outside in two seconds!

Second, I just purchased a fabulous 1960’s mint condition typewriter!  Yeah!!!  I love the clickety-click of the keys, the bang of the bell and definitely my most favorite sound is that of ripping the paper through the roller as it ripples all the way out!

Happy Friday!

Smith Corona Galaxie II typewriter

I need an outside opinion

I was feeling inspired by my recent book review, Easter sunday and my friend’s table she set for a dinner party.  I would like to make a print for her, but I can’t decide which one I like better.  I of course like the black and white because well…it’s b&w.  I like the color one because it really captures that moment in her dining room.  Maybe I should switch fonts or something else… Hmm… What do you think?



it’s the little things…

…that I enjoy so much.  Today I sent a note to a friend and included a lovely little poem about spring.  I also made a recipe card for a different friend.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately.  On Saturday we made the most delicious Cavatappi dish and so I snapped a photo of it cooking.  I then used that photo as a watermark for a recipe card.  I think I’m going to try to do a series of those for a family member that’s getting married in May.  Too bad for me that I will now need to make my favorite meals and then print out the recipes.  Looks like I’m eating good in April!

The Trees -- Philip Larkin

Cavatappi Recipe Card