attic remodel (almost complete)

I’m so happy with the way the attic remodel has turned out.  Once we painted the floors that glorious black, I knew I was in love.  I’m kicking myself for not doing it to my own house.  But the homeowners are thrilled and are ready to start moving furniture up there.  The plumber needs to come by yet to install the sink and toilet and then it’ll be done structurally.  I’m pretty excited that the homeowner wants me to make some cushions for the two window seats and a couch.  Joel Dewberry is calling my name.  I’m just proud as punch of my husband and his clever bookshelf idea.  As you can see it is floor to ceiling (which is 15ft) and since it’s tight quarters with the chimney close by, he incorporated a ladder on the tallest row.  So now everyone can access those top shelves.  I can’t wait to snap a few photos of the kids on the bookshelf.  It’s going to look beautiful completely finished.


attic black floor

attic west wall view


  1. OMG it’s gorgeous! Wow, so jealous.

    Looking through, it looks like you’ve converted the attic space into living space, yes? I was wondering if you had to do anything for the roof (venting, etc). I ask because here we’re battling hideous roof problems due to a cathedral ceiling. Turns out, the roof wasn’t vented properly and began to fail about 7 years after it was put on. This is a lesson we have learned the very expensive way.

    1. Well he didn’t have to change too much because the roof was already vented, he just needed to make sure he didn’t block the existing roof vents. He left a 4″ gap between the insulation and roof deck to allow for circulation in each bay. Also providing that small little flat strip at the top allows air to flow from bay to bay. (This in comparison to a traditional vaulted ceiling that will meet at the middle with just a peak, no flat part.) I can totally sympathize with the frustrations of remodeling; especially when it’s your own home!! Thanks for the kudos. I’m so proud of him.

    1. yes they are painted black. We used a high-gloss, oil-based paint with 2 coats of a low-luster poly on top. Thanks. I love the way it turned out too!

  2. I only stumbled across your blog for the first time today, but I just wanted to say that your attic is astounding! You did that yourself? Wow! I think I’ll be bookmarking you and keep tabs on your wonderful projects. Best of luck!

    1. thanks so much. I only helped with the attic. it’s my husband’s project really, I’m just a glorified “stand-here-and-hold-this” helper! 🙂 He is definitely the brains of the whole operation!

  3. How did you deal with the issue of the stairs? Did you install new stairs because you had one of those attic doors with stairs or were your stairs always coming from the attic down to the next level? I would love to do this in my home but don’t have the creativity to figure out where to put the stairs.

    1. there were already stairs going up to the space. Years ago it was “finished” with an existing bathroom/bedroom, etc. But it was quite awful. So…adding stairs will be a bit of a challenge, but I bet my husband would be able to think of a creative solution! I’ll take a picture of the entry/stairs in a few days when that part gets painted. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I’m so proud…and wish it was my attic. it’s nice that it belongs to close friends so we still get to enjoy it finished! 🙂

  4. wow!
    i was sent here from a commenter on my blog because we too have a 3rd floor.
    she said i would love your remodel.
    and she was right!
    of my goodness that is FABulous!

    i love it!

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure about the brick. We didn’t do it. I too wish I new how they were able to paint the brick, but not the mortar. Really I think it’s a treatment that only time and wear can provide. (The house is over 100 years old). Where it changes color is where the old ceiling was and thus unpainted brick is now exposed.

      1. Ah! Thanks for the quick response. Trying to solve an dark brown exterior brick issue. The space looks great BTW!

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