dresser to bathroom vanity

I’m so flattered by all the positive feedback we’ve received from D*S readers about our lovely home-made sink vanity.  We originally purchased this dilapidated, yet functional dresser at an antique mall for $30.  We then purchased a vessel-style sink from Lowe’s and a union was formed.  I stripped, sanded and painted the new dresser while my husband cut out a hole in the top.  We just both guess at how deep we wanted it to sit in the dresser, but I’m happy with the height.  While the top two rows of drawers are not functional b/c of plumbing, but bottom one does offer a bit more storage for our small bathroom.  The paint was Behr “Fired Earth” (or another brand that I can’t remember now) and then we put a ton of poly on the top to seal it since it would after all, get wet.  I thought about punching it up a bit with some fancy  hardware from anthropologie, but I think the subdued silver goes with the rest of our home nicely.

bathroom vanity before

bathroom after


  1. That is a beautiful vanity! It is amazing how you brought that back to life. It looks like it could have been created by a designer.

    I have several ideas on making my bathroom look classy. I bought this Vessel Sink and I think it will work great. I need to find something like your dresser to set it all off.

  2. I can’t believe you MADE it! When I saw the pictures on MadeByGirl blog, I figured it was Pottery Barn or the like. It turned out amazing- way to go!

  3. Hi,

    I love what you did. I am looking to try and do the same thing in my house. I love the sink you picked. Do you by chance know the manufacture and name of the sink? I have tried to find one like yours without any luck.

    Thanks for the help,


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