the creative life

I like to create things, things with paper, fabric, words…  I, like so many, live with a critic on my shoulder who is quite difficult to ignore.  A friend gave me this poem and it hit the nail on the head.

What I Want to Say — Pat Schneider

Well, I was playing, see,
in the shadow of the tabernacle.
I was decorating mud pies
with little brown balls
I found scattered on the ground
like nuts, or berries.
Until some big boy came walking by
and laughed.  Hey,
don’t you know you’re puttin’ goat doo
on your mud pies? I bet
you’re gonna eat ’em, too!

That day I made a major error
in my creative life.

What I want to say is this:
I liked those little balls
on my mud pies.  I was a sculptor,
an artist, an architect.  I was making pure design in space and time.
But I quit
because a critic came along
and called it shit.


  1. Many times a critics words may dampen our spirit. But a ceritic too is needed. Somebody appreciates, somebody may depreciate. Many times, it is how we take the words from the crtic or otherwise, that is more imprtant.

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