ready to say yes

I think it’s funny how even though I have lived in my home for 3+ years, I still can’t get myself to do things like put art on the walls.  It has always felt too permanent.  I know, I live with a builder for crying out loud, it’s nothing a little spackle and paint couldn’t fix.  But I also think I had a mental block too.  I was always telling myself, “We won’t be here long…” & “…this isn’t a style I want to commit to.”  Well 3 1/2 years later and I’m finally ready to make a decision about art… ironically the day before we sign with a new realtor.  (Yes, we decided to try again and we feel much better about our newest advocate & opportunity.)

Anyway, I really like the simple, but lovely, designs of Jennifer Ramos.  Her blog is quite something too.  Again I will suffer the color dilemma of choosing just the right one, but what a lovely predicament to have.

Made By Girl Love Print Made By Girl Love Print Yellow

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