1. I’m in the midst of an attic planning and trying to get creative with space. I like your shallow but wide approach. Any chance I could ask the dimensions of your bathroom? Looks about 5′ deep and 9′ wide. Also, am I correct that the toilet is against the wall opposite the door? It looks not directly opposite the door but offset closer to the shower side. Thanks! Looks great!

  2. I love your attic bathroom.

    I am buying a Cape Cod style house and want to add another bathroom exactly like this. (i don’t want to dormer the roof…$$$)

    Can you tell me the dimensions of your room and/or how you added it to your space?

    Thank You.

  3. Ditto! I love this little bath, and we’re also trying to figure out a way to do something similar without changing the roof line. Could you please send me the dimensions?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi, you have really done wonders with a small and shallow roof. We have the same issue with our attic (in an 1884 house) and I would very much appreciate knowing the dimensions of your bathroom as well as having a photo of it straight on (so that one can get a full picture of the space). Anything you care to share would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Please email me the dimensions! We have a bathroom exactly like this with the sink and toilet only. would LOVE to add the shower, would require some expanding, but looks very doable! LOVE IT!

  5. Love the bathroom! We are planning a similar project and need to squeeze in a bathroom with shower with limited headroom. What is the size of the shower and the dimensions of the bathroom?

  6. Fantastic! I have an attic I’d like to do a similar shower in. Could you please email me the dimensions of your bathroom and shower, and how much headroom there is in the shower? Thank you!

  7. We are in the midst of an attic planning. I’m hoping to replicate our look. As with all the other post, I would love to have the dimensions of your space.It looks wonderful! Thank you!

  8. Hi~ Love your bathroom! We have a cape cod with an upstairs attic space that we would like to make into a bathroom similar to yours – right now the space is finished & it has the original wood floors Could we also have the dimensions of your attic bathroom? Thanks soj much!

  9. We just moved into a cape and we need a bathroom upstairs. This is awesome. Can you please send info on it

  10. Hello! Thank you for sharing your pictures! I have a cape home and was wondering how much was it for you to add a bathroom without doing a dormer. Also what were the dimensions and how long did it take to get this done? I know others have asked these questions, but didn’t see the reply for those questions! Thank you!

    1. Jessica — ack! So sorry for overlooking this commment!

      This project seems like a lifetime ago, I should have just included the dimensions in the original post.

      The dimensions are as follows:

      9′ x 5′ (length & width) the shorter wall has a height of 4’6″ and the taller one is 8′.

      As far as head room goes, I’m not exactly sure of the clearance, but it was a standard size shower door. Or rather, we didn’t have to special order anything. If the right side (of the photo & shower) is 8′ to the ceiling, that should give you an pretty good estimate of the top of the shower door/head.

      Make sense?

      Best of luck to you!

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