texas never tasted so good

I know.  I’m obsessing about food.  But when it’s a thousand degrees outside, what else are you going to do other than stay inside and eat?  Visiting my family always delights my palate in a way no other place in the country can.  You mix a little nostalgia with unexpected spices and a little humidity and you’ve got a fantastic meal.  Friday night we celebrated being alive and together at a fabulous restaurant called Suga’s and Saturday we topped off a movie with martinis and tapas at a laid back old house.

Friday: Pan-Seared Tilapia stuffed with Lump Crab, topped with a Shrimp Cream Sauce, served with Herb Risotto and Seasonal Vegetables; cheesecake; white wine

Saturday: Grey Goose L’Orange Cosmo; ceviche – shrimp & fish, marinated in lime juice served with homemade chips; fresh hummus on homemade pita chips; goat cheese medallions of cheese drizzled with basil pesto, cayenne honey and mango poblano sauces

There may not be much landscape, and it’s too damn hot, but the best part of SE Texas is the food.  Imagine the best of Southern, Cajun, and Mexican cuisine and you’ve got a culinary cultural explosion manifested on your plate.  Visiting here always makes me want to cook too a little more too.  And mostly I love that food itself is used in SE Texas as a verb.  It’s healing, it’s hospitality, it’s love.  And most of it is to die for!

martini shrimp

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