baby couture

Those words don’t seem to go together in my mind; however they seem to fit seamlessly in my friend’s new baby room.  She chose a lovely theme from CoCaLo Couture.  If I was getting ready to decorate for a new addition I would definitely head over there.

CoCaLo Couture Delilah

CoCaLo Couture Delilah Lamp

CoCaLo Couture Delilah Drapes

(Is is just me or does it look a little Amy Butler-esque?)


  1. I agree with you on the Amy Butler look-alike. I’ve actually been searching for the blue/gold/brown lotus fabric for months and can’t find it anywhere. Amy Butler has a VERY similar one that’s blue/ivory/grey. Do you or anyone else happen to know where this fabric comes from?

    1. The place my friend got hers was a store called Texas Kit Company. I’m not sure if they’ll still have it. I didn’t see it on the Cocalo website… Ebay maybe? I too wish I knew the actual textile designer. I’m just not quite sure how things like this are possible sans Amy B’s ok.

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