didn’t know what i was missing

My sister is a magazine junkie (who isn’t really?).  While staying at her place she convinced me to yield my aversion of fashion mags & consider reading Vanity Fair.  I genuinely thought VF was for people who recognized “Page 6” hoity-toities and label-lovers.  Well, wasn’t I chagrined when she passed the oh-so-handsome Johnny Depp into my lap.  Let me tell you, this magazine is not just for the fashion-conscience, it’s quite pedantic in it’s own right.  I also feel like VF is always quoted on the news, radio, etc., and now I know why.  I love how culturally expository this periodical is.  July’s issue offers one of the best perspectives I’ve heard of the Bernie Madoff scandal (much less the fabulous 6+page interview with Johnny Depp — who I now want to be best friends with).  And although I may have to wade through 20 pages of annoying adds before I can even find the table of contents, I think it’s worth it.  The content is just as provocative as its visual counterpart.  I already ordered my two-year subscription. (It was only $20!)

0907VFcover-240px Vanity Fair Anderson Cooper

Vanity Fair Kate Winslet Vanity Fair Carla Bruni

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