corners of my home

Even though we are trying to sell I am still changing the way things look around here.  I have been actually hanging things on the walls and continually changing the accessories on what few surface areas I have.  I recently acquired the oval painting from my Grandmother and thought the colors went well with what was going on in my bedroom.  And while in Chicago, I was able to snap a photo of the ferris wheel at navy pier which also involved the Red/Blue/Black theme.  With much anticipation I nailed the first hook into the wall and it did not turn to ash, so I added another frame to the mix.  Now that creative energy is spilling over to other parts of the house.  I’m hoping that Murphy’s Law applies and just when I get things hung in the right place, we’ll have to sell!  🙂

Oh, the second photo is of some lovely Gladys I picked up for $.99 (no kidding) that I think make such a dramatic statement.  I love fresh flowers.

Bedroom Art



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