I was looking at the oh-so-lovely blog: The Wife of an Artist and she thankfully posted about the artist Liu Bolin.


I can’t quite describe why I was so taken with this particular artist and his medium.  It is more than just the obvious talent of the painter, but the deeper vision of Mr. Bolin.  He describes himself as The Invisible Man, silently protesting the lack of his acknowledgement as an individual and artist in his society.  As a Chinese artist he has continually been oppressed and denied value as a contributing member of society.

I cannot fathom the deep dedication it must take to stand for up to 10 hours just to be painted.  I wonder what he thinks about while standing so still…

A couple of the photos are from here (an article about the artist) & here (another lovely blog).



Liu Bolin 9

Liu Bolin6

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