the sounds of texas in the middle east

So I’m in the Lone Star state again.  This time I’m here to visit family, eat a hell of a lot of good food, and party with my dad as he closes out a 37 year career in law enforcement in this area.  But he’s not quite ready to take up the rocking chair just yet.  He has one more big adventure planned before he decides to retire his sidearm (if any true Texas law man ever can!) 

He decided that he wanted to serve his country and at 57 he joined the Army.  Ok, he didn’t exactly join the army, but that’s what he likes to say.  He’s signed on to work for a private contractor that sends civilians with unique skills to Iraq and Afghanistan to aid the military in a variety of ways.  He will be going as an investigative expert and basically continue to solve crimes.  And he’ll do this for the next 12 months.  There’s obviously quite a few more details, but I’m still uncertain about how this new chapter will play out here in my little nook of cyberspace. 

But before he ships out we are having a big ol’ texas size retirement party complete with bar-b-que and good beer.  And I couldn’t show up down here empty handed.  Because my Pop is a music man (his own band is playing at his retirement party) I thought I would make him something he could use, especially with the gift my mom got him: The Martin Backpacker Guitar.  I couldn’t think of a better gift than that guitar.  I think the emotional value that a little music, entertainment and taste of home will bring to the battalion of soldiers he’s stationed with will far outweigh any monetary price or physical weight.  B & I have the backpacker guitar and we really like how light and portable the thing is.  That said, I decided to make a custom strap for the thing, and since Camo is the chic color palate this season in combat zones, I figured I would give in and go with the trend!

camo guitar strap

Looking at it now, I wish I had embroidered something special on it, but I guess I can always make a new one and send it to him at Christmas. 

It’s going to be a whole week of gifts.  I’m also working on a mini family look-book (to remind him just how crazy we all are and that he may want to reconsider coming home! )  I’m also celebrated two very good family friends who are going to be mommas and one of them real soon!  We’ve also got a formal ceremony to attend today at the court house and an informal office party on Friday and then the big kahuna on Sunday. 

Needless to say I’ll be busy and trying to get in as much quality time as possible.  He deploys on the 22nd of this month…just over a week now.


  1. My dad does the same kind of thing, and he LOVES it! He is in Iraq, but works more in the transportation, coordinating supplies, managing side of things, and he couldn’t be happier.

    I wish your dad the best of luck in his new adventure!!

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