party seen

What a week.  I’m not quite sure where all 7 days went.  It was a blur for the most part, but fun.  We ate lots of cake, laughed hard and cried too.  It was an emotional week while we cleaned out my dad’s office, pasted 30+ years of newspaper articles in a scrapbook, organized awards & certificates, hugged people I hadn’t seen since I was little, and pretended to recognize people who knew me.

I haven’t attended many retirement parties, but I think the one we put on was pretty alright.  The party on Sunday was just what we needed and the venue was perfect.  Everyone ate lots of gumbo, listened to good music and walked down memory lane with my Pop.  I think very few other professionals who end a near 40 year career will have so much to show for it.  We only displayed about 1/3 of the paraphernalia accumulated over the years, but it was quite something to see all together.  Now my poor mother has to figure out where to put all that stuff in her house!


old photo



center piece

The ladies at my dad’s office also pulled together a lovely good-bye.  Only in Texas would you decorate with camo and animals… & have it look appropriate and lovely.

camo party

One comment

  1. So glad to see pics! I was thinking of you all during the festivities and wishing I could be there. Steve is awesome–so glad he had a week of fun and friends who were there to celebrate his many contributions to this world.

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