suit up

I openly mocked the latest fashion resurrection of the dreaded shoulder pads.  I scoffed, whooped, hollered, furrowed my brow and snubbed my nose high and mighty into the air. And with good reason!


You may cry “hypocrite”, but I say unsuspecting-duped-lover-of-a-good-deal (aka: idiot).

While practicing a little retail therapy after bringing my dad to the airport last thursday, we stopped in Banana.  (The ONLY reason I stopped in was because I had a gift card that I’ve had for over a year burning a hole in my pocket.  I still stand firmly on my soap box against the big-bad-box-store.)  My self-righteousness aside, I perused the sale section and came across a lovely tailored black jacket.  Immediately my thoughts went to this post on dressing like French women and the importance of such a staple as a black jacket.

As I stood in the flattering glow of the dimly lit dressing room, I liked what I saw.  This jacket could be my new “winter coat” when we become snowbirds later this year.  It was fitted, yet big enough to add lots of layers underneath (another very key element to dressing like a French woman).  I also liked how my waist appeared miraculously smaller (despite the heavy eating events all week).

I got the go-ahead from my mom and sister, both agreeing that it was a wise purchase.  It was, after all, on sale.

Fast-forward to later that evening.  I want to try on the jacket again, make sure it looks the same now that it’s made the journey home with me.  I pull it out of the bag, by the shoulders, and I think the light-bulb moment was audible.  I then called out the my sis and said, “This this has shoulder pads!!!  Did you know that?!”  She of course looks at me like I’m an idiot and says, “Yes, of course!  You didn’t?!”  Well I just knew, I would never hear the end of it from my husband and my inner critic!

My self-justification is that these shoulder pads are not near as big as the original football style in the 80s.  So much for my miracle suit and shoulder snobbery.  And really, who cares?  Cause I’m gonna rock this thing tonight at the Pete Yorn concert!

Black Jacket


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