friday finds

So Pete Yorn pretty much rocked my face off last night!!!  It was such a fun concert. (All the more so b/c this lady joined us for the festivities!) I don’t know what’s wrong with Grand Rapids, but there was a pretty pitiful turn out.  Sad for Pete, but good for us as were were like 10 feet from him all night!  I think if we could hang with any musician, from any time… I think we’d choose Pete.  It would be a toss up for Brad between him and U2, but I’m with Pete all the way.

Now I’m taking a break from cleaning my house as we are preparing for a private showing today and an open house tomorrow.  Crazy person am I!

Earlier this week I decided to catch up on some blog reading and here are some super fun things that caught my eye.  Man, three weeks away from blog-land and you miss some really good stuff.



06The Czech Republic’s got style. Check out this great blog on all things aesthetically pleasing and inspiring:  Art, Design, Photography, Food, Fashion, Color, Life.  Graphic Designer and quite possibly my Eastern European doppelganger, Raru, certainly does have 79 ideas running through her head…and then some.  I loved her post on the Calligraphy of Russia and the rest of the world and her an eye for unique artists.  I also tend to read her blog with a cool accent.

Etsy Love The most lovely prints that say fall.

il_430xN.95699456 il_fullxfull.69293117



The most perfect perpetual calendar by Orange Beautiful via Uppercase.







:: Wishing I was at this fun party.

:: Loving these little labels.

:: I would love a whole collection of these beauties.

:: Looking forward to seeing this movie.

:: Keeping my fingers crossed for our showing today & our open house tomorrow!

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  1. YEAH!!! Pete was awesome 🙂 It was much fun seeing you, B, and Ms. A there. All weekend I sang and had a goofy smile thinking of a great night of music. Good luck with the showing!

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