lucky me

The only time I’ve ever won anything was in 1996.  I was working for a CPA that summer and spent most of the day in and office with the radio on.  The original Lilith Fair was in town and the local radio station was giving away tickets to the 5th caller at some designated time.  I heard the Sarah McLachlan song they were looking for and my fingers went to work.  Usually you get a busy signal, but this time the phone rang…and rang, and rang, and rang.  Just as I was getting ready to hang up I heard a voice on the other end say, “Hey, who is this?”  After I state my name,  bells and whistles ring out and the d.j. pronounced me the proud new owner of sold-out tickets to the summer’s hottest show.

Well I’d say that I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell since then.  Nothing of pure luck has come my way.  No lucky numbers, or a sock to never wash and I’m at the bright side all the time.  I mean, I can’t even win at $1 scratch-offs.  (My mom and I tried at every gas station between Texas and Chicago!)

However, 13 years later my luck has changed as the splendid SistersGulassa have deemed me their lucky give-a-way winner!  Last month they decided to give away an original piece of mixed media artwork and I’m so pleased I will get to hang it on my wall.  Yeah for original and unique art!  I am a big fan of their lovely designs and products and so glad I will get to look at something so lovely every day.   Thanks ladies!


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