tick tock, tick tock…

The waiting is palpable.  I thought by now I would have an answer.  But alas, more waiting.

Despite the fact that we are supposed to receive an offer on our house on Thursday, I have continued to arrange and rearrange the little things. This time it was the one shelf with “knick knacks” on it.  While cleaning out our storage room this past weekend, I came across two photos I thought I had lost in the shuffle.

Five years ago when I first visited Michigan, Brad’s family wanted to let me know exactly what I was getting into and showed me a ton of his childhood photos.  When I saw one with daffodils in the background I remembered I had one similar as a child too.  The next time I was at my folks place I dug up the old photo and couldn’t believe it really was the same background.  Although separated by 1500 miles, our childhoods were not all that different.  Our mothers used the same tuperware; our neighborhoods looked eerily similar; we could basically share childhood memories.  It’s kind of weird actually.

And now that these photos have proper frames and prominence in our house, I’m not quite sure if it’s not all a little too creepy.  We don’t have children nor do we see them in the future, so it seems strange to me to see these two little people on our wall…



I may have just convinced myself to relocate them again!


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