moving day

it’s finally here.  we will leave michigan tomorrow to an unknown destination.  well, that’s not exactly true, but i like the way it sounds!  we’ll be heading to the motherland for an unknown period of time…and that is exactly true.  it’s time.  many things are lining up for us to make this transition, and most importantly, we want to be there.  with my dad gone, the family heart strings are tugging pretty tightly.

there are so many unknowns like: will our building ever sell? can i really get a job?  are we really going to be able to go to school in the fall? what happens when/if we change our course?

those are just the tip of the iceberg.  i have so many more fears, desires, questions i need to process.  i’m looking forward to sharing some of that uncanny childhood of mine with my husband.  sure we’ve been for visits before, but i don’t know that he really knows what it is to be texas.  i’m looking forward to the rediscovery myself.

so here’s to new adventures…

Moving Day

…and blogging from TEXAS!


  1. Good Luck!!! It was great to see you before you left. Thanks so much for the yarn, it will get put to good use. May you and B. have lots of wonderful adventures and make new memories on your new path for life 🙂

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