greetings from the lone star state

7 states, 2 cars, 2 kittys, 22 hours and we made it.  we’ve been here 4 days and b is already in the middle of a bathroom remodel and i’ve finally just gotten my bags unpacked for a bit.  the weather is just lovely and we spent the afternoon on the lake yesterday.  75 degrees in november.  i think i could turn into a snow-bird after all.  10 years of shoveling snow may  just have given me my fix… at least for this year.  we are still, however, looking towards our move to bean-town in the coming year.

i can’t believe that it’s thanksgiving this week already.  my days and weeks (and month) have been all turned around upside down.  after the usual feast on thursday i plan to spend some much desired time with my mom and sis.  and maybe, just maybe i’ll fit in a little holiday crafting.  my type a personality is going to have to go on vacation until i can figure out what sort of routine i’ll have for the next several months.  postings my be more infrequent, maybe they’ll be twice a day.  i don’t know.  but i still like coming here to this space, may space with all of you!

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