southern living

What a wacky week!  It actually snowed here.  The weather man said it was only the 34th time this has happened in the last 100 years.  I decorated my Grandmother’s house (inside and out) with the help of my Mom.  We could have given Ethel and Lucy a real run for their money.  (Complete with our very own “Christmas Miracle!” which involved a section of broken lights, a garden hoe, and A LOT of laughing!)  I lost and then found my Manchester Kitty… he was hiding in the bed.  (No, not under the covers, but inside the box spring!)  And finally, I attended a Christmas parade that included unusually large reptiles and a Porta-Potty.

Being in SE Texas makes me feel not quite like myself.  It’s all so familiar, yet so strange.  I end up wanting to do things that I would NEVER want to do, like play golf, have babies and listen to country music.  I mean… Really? Who is this crazy person?!  I know it’s all temporary, with my weighted center of normal falling just a little off kilter!


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