holy holiday card choices!

This is the time when I say, “I wish I was a graphic designer.”  Because if I was a graphic designer I could make cool stuff like these cards… or better yet work for such a fun company (them and about 100 other places I can think of!).  I’ve been tasked with finding just the right holiday card to send out this year.  Although I have shamelessly mocked the annual-obligatory-awkward-family-portrait-mailed-to-everyone-to-show-how-fine-we-are, I may have to reconsider the view from my soap box.  At first I felt like the portrait-card was really only for those people with kids.  This allows those of us who never actually see these so-called kids to feel like they are growing before our very eyes.  However, in recent years the photo-card has grown in popularity and expanded beyond the 3-person minimum previously mentioned.  And as it so happens, 2009 marked a great year in photos for our little 2-person family, and I think I just might share one or two with the million or so folks on our mailing list.  I wish I could afford the cards at Hello!Lucky, but alas a tight budget has forced my hand elsewhere.  I also think that a decent alternative is Pear Tree Greetings.  I did consider looking to Etsy, but it seemed a little confusing and my procrastination isn’t helping much with the whole timing thing.  Who really knows though…with the way I’m moving lately, I’ll be doing good to get anything at all in the mail.

{all photos Hello!Lucky}

{images from Pear Tree}

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