the clever crafter

I keep thinking that there’s no way that I thought of this all on my own… But, if I did, yea for me.  (But I highly doubt it.)  As my new work schedule is soooooo demanding, I thought I would tote along a quick knit that I’m making my Dad.  My grandmother and I visited the most lovely knitting shop last week and she came across a big ball of camouflage, or something like it.  She really enjoyed the hat that I made her last year & thought I should make one for my dad, sans flower of course.  So I’m using size 11 double pointed needles to make it go super fast.  But I don’t have needle point protectors for my large needles and I just knew my work was going to fall off of at least one of the 6 exposed ends and then it hit me: Rubber-bands!  So I just wrapped them around the ends and I was right as rain.  It made it all the way to the office and in and out of my tote several times today with ZERO dropped stitches!  Woo-who!  So, surely I must have seen this from someone else, but either way, I’m paying forward the handy knitting ‘tip’.

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