two of my favorite things…

Photos & Words.

Another ideal life: photographer, photojournalist, anything that has to do with getting paid to capture images…especially travel photography.

This website has combined two great loves effortlessly.  With each of these photos I wanted to know more about what was going on…and I was able to read and find out.

Bright Lights, Ancient City 

After an amazing meal and a bottle of red wine in Orvieto, Italy, I explored the city’s narrow alleyways. I could hear faint music escaping from trattorias and coffee shops as the Umbria Jazz Festival buzzed along. Having grown up in the suburbs of northern Virginia (where it seems like everything was built in the last 20 years), I could hardly comprehend the age and character of a town that predates the Roman Empire.

Photographer: Matt Nuzzaco

Matt works in the tech industry in San Francisco but is currently on a trip around the globe. He enjoys Hasselblad cameras, squirrels, and robots.


Navigating a foreign country is that much trickier when you aren’t on speaking terms with your girlfriend. Our relationship was on the rocks before we’d left, but neither of us wanted to sabotage our two-month journey around the world. By the time we got to Morocco, communication was already breaking down. She was the one who spoke French, but when we tried to barter for goods, sellers pretended not to hear her. On top of that, I lost my camera bag, leaving me with only my little Pentax to capture my experience. In short, nothing was going according to plan. But riding a camel out into the desert at dusk nearly made up for all of these troubles.

Photographer: Shawn Allen

Shawn Allen is a designer, programmer, and partner at Stamen in San Francisco.


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