one for the books

I feel as if I should be more contemplative since we are closing out not only another year, but a decade.  The aughts are over after all.  But ten years is a bit much to take in at once; I’m just pleased to have made it another 365 days healthy, happy and with most of my mind in tact. Not too much of significance seemed to happen this year.  It was a lovely stay-close-to-home kind of year.  Out of the other side of my mouth will be that everything changed.  It was the first time I’ve not had a full-time job; we moved; B turned 30; we added another kitty to the mix; my pop went to Afghanistan.  Big and little things.  All and all… I wouldn’t have traded it.  A year with My Love is a year worth living!

Here were some of my most favorite 2009 moments.  Happy New Year!


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