currently obsessing

…over old board games!  It was a rowdy weekend of 1982 trivial pursuit youth edition.  If I didn’t feel like enough of an idiot when I was a child, I was sure to get my extra dose this weekend.  I mean, come on Marbles questions???  Besides the addictive laughter at questions that needed to have “…in 1982” added to the end of every sentence I had forgotten just how much I loved the look of the board.  Oh to be able to screen print those images!  I can envision an entire set of couch pillows and wall decor.  We also recently engaged in a hot whodunit round of clue.  I’m so glad my mom kept our original board game because it is oh-so-awesome!  I seriously love everything about it from each room’s design to the font.  Ok, so the one thing I didn’t like was the center picture.  It just doesn’t go with anything.  But in my dream home this board game is getting its own frame for the wall…

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