the longest night…

as i sit here on the couch and type, my littlest kitty is lying in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion.

we went to a different vet and finally got a correct diagnosis yesterday, but by the time i came home from work today, i knew something was terribly wrong.  so we went to the animal hospital and found out that he is on the precipice of life and death.  euthanasia was brought up but i couldn’t bring myself to that place without trying absolutely everything.  i’ve never understood why people spend so much money on their pets… but now i do.  i am willing to do ANYTHING to make this little creature better.

what he has.  a red blood cell parasite.  and that has caused a whole host of other issues…UTI, fatty deposits on his liver, fever, malnutrition, etc.  but he is NOT having multi-organ system failure.  if we heard the vet right, it is his blood that is the problem.  and when she said that his kidneys are still good, we knew we had to give it a shot.

i can’t believe how hard this is.  i’m not quite sure why i’m putting it out here in cyberspace.  i don’t need validation.  i don’t know what i need… other than that little kitty to get better.  i feel so bad.  so responsible.  so helpless.  we’ve cried (a lot).  we’ve prayed.  now we wait.  and we hope.

One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing this Carrie. What a difficult situation. And one I am afraid we’ll be in soon. Our dog has already had one operation on his leg, and it looks like he’ll need another soon. But the worst thing is that we’ve found a lump by his ribcage, and I am dreading what that lump might mean.

    I hope so much that the transfusion is successful, and how lucky to have a procedure like that available!

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