mushy-gushy stuff

in light of the upcoming hallmark conspiracy day, i remembered something from quite a while back that i filed away under “why didn’t i think of that?!”

garance dore, photographer extraodinaire, snapped this poor homely guy because she liked his swank blue jean shirt.  and in all of her adorable frenchy cuteness she tells the story of how he explains the best part of his shirt is yet to be revealed.  turns out his wife embroidered a little heart on the inside pocket!  i mean, come on!!  what a fabulous idea! so simple, yet so stinkin’ thoughtful.  and alas, it gets worse.  no only is he damned with tragic looks, but he’s french AND a photographer.  i have a little story going in my head about this fantastic little french couple and all their frenchy, pouty, insouciant, romantic-ness…

{photos via garance dore}


  1. He’s a hottie alright, with a truly clever wife. A little reminder on a handsome Frenchman is probably a very good thing. 🙂

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