busy week, busy weekend

This week went by so fast.  And I’ve got a busy weekend planned.  I’ll be doing some serious spring cleaning among other things.  Wonder if I should put on a dress, fix my hair and wear lipstick to make me have a good attitude about it???

{image via, via}

Lent is underway and it’s going to be a long 40 days without this.

I’m completely fascinated with this article for so many reasons.

I finally finished this Valentine and the recipient should have it by now.

I’ve been making lots of these.

I’ll be volunteering here this weekend.


  1. Hi Sweet friend!

    Missing you so! Thought of your blog and logged on right away! While I love reading all that you write, I would really like to hear your voice! We will call you both soon!

    Much love!

  2. You’re giving up milk? Why did you choose that?

    LOVE the flower. Are you following a tutorial? I’ve been meaning to make one into a brooch for a sweater jacket of mine. Very pretty!

    1. well i chose milk because it’s something i have everyday. chocolate and sweets seem more like an indulgence that i don’t have to have anyway. i feel much more conscience of the milk thing.

      as far as the flower goes I didn’t use a specific tutorial, but rather a combination of techniques mixed with a little intuition. I was thinking of trying to make my own tutorial… but we’ll see. the fabric was truly just luck of the draw. I was at Jo-Anns (yuck – but we really don’t have an independently owned fabric store here – shocking yes.) Anyway, they had this linen material in a beautiful blue, but the best part was that there is a “shiny” almost sparkly side. I think it helped give the flower some depth and interest.

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