sleep tight

Design*Sponge did a post today on Murphy Beds and oh how it made me miss our beloved little bed!  As we look to the future and can only hope to have the opportunity to live in a tiny little apartment in the city, a murphy bed is going to be a viable option.

*love this piano bed! {images from D*S}

Our “guest room” in all its versatility!


    1. It sleeps great. And then you don’t have to make the bed… just fold it up! For ours, Brad built a removable piece to act as a “headboard” or really something just so the pillows don’t fall down behind the mattress. It really serves more like a night stand as you can put a headlamp, lotion, book, or any other night time items you need at your fingertips.

  1. Carrie,

    I just recently linked to your blog from Amy’s, but to funny that you just posted on Murphy beds cause we were JUST admiring yours on Sunday. Then we promptly researched them which only gave us mad respect for the awesome job you did with yours. We just bought a small house, so a Murphy bed is much needed.

    Hope all is well in Texas!


    1. Thanks Jenna! You guys will really have to experience in all it’s glory and have a sleep over there with Aims! 🙂 P.S. You guys could totally build one. I’ll get the info from brad about where he got “the kit”…

      Uh, oh yeah, big HUGE, FAT CONGRATS on the new house!!! I’ll have to see it when we’re back in town!

  2. Crazy that I get to live there! LOVE the Murphy bed. Sometimes I just sleep there because it is soo comfortable and I love the light that comes through the windows. Not gonna lie.. it’s going to be really hard to leave 😦
    Love you guys and your insane creativeness and ability to make just about anything.
    P.S. UHH, Piano bed is a must in your next place!

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