pick your favorite paper please…

…and send a note to someone!

it’s so sad that the post office is in so much financial trouble.  you can read an interesting story about it here.  the real tragedy (ok not really) is that so few letters personal notes are being sent.  i can appreciate the effort “to go green” and reduce all the unnecessary and superfluous paper out there (good-bye junk mail!). but i still find so much joy in sending ( and receiving) a hand-written note on carefully selected paper, written with a special pen, and consumed with deliberate thought.  i can’t imagine an entirely electronic world.

i’ll have to add these to my wish list:


{get these things here}


  1. I agree! the hand-written note trumps the use of paper/trees. For hand-written notes, I am convinced the trees do not mind. Besides, there is so much hand made paper out there made from various plants and roots and fibers that we don’t have to literally get into the “tree thing.” (I know, I’m rationalizing.)

    It’s just that, like you, there’s nothing like “real” mail that has a note from a friend.

    BTW, did you take the picture of the crayons in your blog header?

  2. great minds think alike. i seriously just wrote about how letter writing is a lost art.. and realizing how behind on your blog i am.

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