My ever present wanderlust will soon be quenched as I will soon make my way to the land of Don Quixote, gypsies, flamenco, tapas, and red wine… I’m going to Spain!  My sis and I will be traveling to meet my mom & dad (woo-who!) as they will be coming off of a week-long Mediterranean cruise.  I am so excited and have been reading and searching and making a huge list of places to go and things to do.  We will start in Barcelona and then head to Madrid and finally to Seville.  I hope to make my way to the Southern coast for at least a day and maybe see the hills of Rhonda as well.  But even if I just sat in a cafe in the middle of the city, I would be satisfied (as long as there was wine…beautiful Spanish wine!).

I think it’s hilarious that we are actually taking a family vacation, just the four of us…as adults.  We never did as kids; we always had another family along to act as a buffer keep us entertained.  I have no doubt we’ll all be on our best behavior and be relatively well behaved…but we just might give the Griswold’s a run for their money.

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  1. Oh my gosh Carrie! How exciting! I would love to go to Spain and I hope some day I’ll get to. Looking forward to your fabulous pics and adventures!

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