traveling in style

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Spain, I’ve been thinking about all the many, many things I would buy with my money tree.  (You know, the one your parents told you about when you asked for things as a kid – yep, I’ve got one.)

I have a bit of a thing for bags.  I could easily empty my life’s savings on not just purses, but duffel bags, messenger bags, reusable grocery bags really anything with a strap.  I’m always looking for something stylish and functional.  Sometimes I have to compromise one for the other.  Other times the two flawlessly combine to make the perfect union of form and function.

Here are some of the things I’m coveting right now:

This Fossil belt bag (#3) is so awesome.  I know they are a bit nerdy, but with the right outfit, I think any woman can rock these on her hips.  Or, if you’re not brave enough to belt it, you could just use it as a clutch or essential ‘catch-all’ for your over-sized carry-on. | This Orla Kiely roller (#1) speaks for itself! | I just adore this striped collapsible tote (#2).  I mean, who can’t use an extra bag for all your goodies. | The Timbuk2 Agent Carry-On (#4) has a ‘cool factor’ for me.  I like the way it opens and it also comes with a hanging bag inside. | This chic and classic Bally bag (#5) will only set you back a single house payment!  Personally, I like the one I got for Brad better (it’s from China, therefore only the cost of a sandwich!) | {And don’t even get me started on what I want for a camera bag.  Check out Emily’s great rundown!}


  1. That belt bag is so cool. I keep thinking I’ll make myself a version of that someday. And I think everyone could use a collapsible tote. Mine has been indispensable!

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