Get In Shape, Girl! Grows Up

I have apparently been obsessed with working out (i.e. body-image issues anyone??) since I was young.  (Other than that quite-long, dormant period in early adult-hood!)  I ran across this childhood photo and couldn’t stop laughing.  But oh-the-memories.  I had all but forgotten about my awesome Get In Shape, Girl get-up!  I would pop in my cassette tape and perfectly place my instruction booklet on the floor and get to work.  It’s funny how 23 years later not much has changed.  Except instead of a cassette it’s a DVD and plastic weights have been exchanged for 3-pounders.  But I still look equally as dorky, just sans leg warmers.  These day’s I’m not rocking out to Debbie Gibson, but rather the Queen Bad-Ass herself, Ms. Jillian Michaels.  Holy-Mother!  That woman is INSANE; but, she has given me what many have tried and failed to do: the slightest definition in my arms!  I love that she says on her 40-minute disc, “Think of your arms as a naked body part that everyone sees.”  (I just about traded up to 5lb weights after hearing that!)

What I have enjoyed the most though, is her 30-Day Shred video.  It is only 20 minutes for each workout.  Did you hear me?!  I said, only 20 minutes!  I remember thinking when my Mom first told me that she was doing a new video that only took her 20 minutes that it can’t work because you need to have at least 30-45 minutes to be effective.  Boy was I wrong.  Holy-goodness, she kicks your butt for those 20 minutes… but it’s only 20 minutes!  Fortunately for people like myself, there are modified positions for beginners, but once I consistently did the tape, I no longer felt like I needed to be in the back of the room.  Now it’s become a bit of a habit (at least on the days that I don’t run) to come home from work, change clothes immediately and then get my Jillian on… for just 20 minutes.  I never thought that stay-at-home-jane-fonda-workouts could be so great.  I’m just glad my husband and mother have joined in my dorkiness and yell at the t.v. with me.


{Post Script}

What crazy person took this photo of me?  And why in the world did I set up the tape and booklet in front of the t.v. like that’s where the instructions would come from?


  1. Right on! LOVE that pic of you – how I wish legwarmers would come back in style (and not just for the uber chic, but for us everyday girls, too)! What cracks me up is that we had the same wood paneling and that same TV – I think it was a Zenith?

    I’m going to check out that 30 minute shred dvd!

    1. How funny! Yes, that t.v was a Zenith w/o a remote… Ahh… childhood memories 🙂

      And Target has that DVD for just $10. Let me know if you get it!

  2. I just burned 100 calories visualizing you in that outfit going through your little instruction booklet and being Richard Simmons side-kick.
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Keep rocking it!

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