travel essentials

Well we know I’ll be comfortable (although not so stylish), but here are a few tried and tested items I cannot live without for an international flight:

Essential music that makes me feel relaxed and a bit more swank thank I look.  It’s a really old cd, but timeless in my book (and in Amazon’s).

I’ll really “chill out” when I pop on my sleep mask (and earplugs) and pretend I’m comfortable.

I’m usually pretty good at keeping myself occupied on long flights w/o being glued to the in-flight entertainment.  I can’t travel w/o a journal and I find being trapped on a moving skyscraper is the perfect time to get my pen moving.  These pocket-sized beauties would be perfect.  {Last time I flew with colored pencils and pre-stamped, blank note cards to make my husband post cards; we’ll see how much room I have this trip!}

I’ve got to stay hydrated on such a long flight.  (*Note, this particular bottle could possibly build up pressure in the straw/bite valve and upon pressing said part end up squirting water on some poor unassuming person four rows behind you.  What?  I’m just sayin’.)

Because of the aforementioned dryness, lotion is a must!

I’ll of course bring other toiletries like my toothbrush, face wash, and makeup and I’ll also bring a little something to make me think I’m fresher than what I really am: my tiny size perfume.  Scent of the season — Banana Republic’s Malachite.  (Only apply it in the bathroom, but not too much b/c that could lead to unruly passengers and ruin proper flight etiquette!)

There’s a whole host of other items too.  I think I’ll have to turn this into a two part-er.  So stay tuned…


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