babies on the brain

Ok, let me clarify.  Babies are not on my brain per se, but I’ve been surrounded by people having babies.  And lucky for me they’ve been girls.  It seems that just 3 years ago I knew 5 people that all gave birth to boys right around the same time; and now I know 2 new girls, I’ll meet one for the first time on Saturday, and two more in the coming months.  I’m glad because it’s given me an opportunity to make a few new crafts.  I have fallen in love with big, huge flowers on little baby girls; and they are so easy to make.  Once baby is big enough she &  Momma can share.  Wear them in their hair or on a jacket or belt or necklace or….

My most favorite model wearing this blue flower.

I’ve also cranked out some more diaper/burp cloths.

And although I’m not much of a baby person, I am really interested in seeing this documentary.  I enjoy watching movies/documentaries that can take a personal story and turn it into a universal experience despite our differences.  I don’t know if I’ll make it to the theater for this, but it’s for sure going on the Netflix list.


  1. Carrie, Had to share this one with my daughter who is also surrounded by friends having babies. It evoked several “aaaahs” and smiles, as I knew it would. You are sure to have success with these, and I love the burp cloths, too. “Sweet,” said Nory about those. Your friends are will be delighted. ANd kudos to your favorite baby model!

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