sleep walking

Well we made it back!  What an amazing trip.  I’m still trying to remember it all, read the chicken scratch I wrote in my journal, and begin to sort through the million pictures I took.  We were quite fortunate with our flight time because we were actually allowed to leave.  But during the flight we were rerouted because of the volcano.  Flights later the same afternoon were canceled!  But because we were rerouted we were delayed and therefore missed our connection in Atlanta.  Delta had already taken the initiative to re-book us so as soon as we got through customs they printed our new boarding passes.  The only problem was that our next flight didn’t leave for 6 hours!  (And did I mention that we missed our original connection by literally 5 minutes?!)

You would think that the Atlanta airport being the biggest (or is it busiest) airport in the world would have a better set up for so many passer-throughs.  (The Detroit & Twin Cities airports are far superior; go figure.)  I would have given anything to have a Sleep Box.  Instead we had to settle for vinyl chairs without armrests, my eye mask, & earplugs.  Not quite the same.

One comment

  1. Neat! Love the design and concept. I can imagine it to be big bucks, but there are times that we would certainly pay for some peace, quiet, and security while traveling.

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