not quite here yet

I’m still not back on central time yet.  I’m not only jet-lagged but fighting a cold brought on by over-exposure to travel goo (i.e. recirculated air for 12 hours, 6 1/2 hour lay-over, 2 hour drive home, etc.)

Today I was thinking about our first day out and about in Barcelona when we stumbled upon a little corner art gallery.  And to my delighted surprise, they had the work of photographer Willie Rojas.  I thought his work was so cheeky and candid.  I wish I had been allowed to take photos of his display, but instead I’ll have to settle for on-line photos & my rusty memory.  (I’m just glad I wrote down his name because I would have never remembered on my own!)

I would love to have his cracking egg photo blown up and in my kitchen (found on his website).  The faucet diver and watermelon are close seconds.  See all of his work here.



  1. Great stuff! You have an eye. Will now click on the link to see what else is there. Great idea for your kitchen – an original, of course, right?

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